Friday, April 27, 2018

5th Grade Musical

All of the 5th graders practiced like crazy and put on a musical about soccer. 
They did a fantastic job and were super entertaining. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Cirque Amongus

 C decided to use his juggling skills in the show

 E and all the other kindergartners were the animals in the circus. He was a flying elephant!

The boys' school recently hosted a group called Cirque Amongus. They brought in all kinds of circus equipment and all 600 kids at the school got to test everything out, plan out short performances, get costumes and make up and then perform in a 3 ring circus. I volunteered for the day along with MANY others and miraculously the day went off without a hitch! The kids had SO MUCH fun and thankfully we finally had a beautiful semi-warm day to be outside. So thankful for a school that embraces such fun experiences for the kids!

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Imagination Station

 The boys loved checking out what it would feel like to be in a tornado

 E trying his skills at flying land landing an airplane. With D's help he was successful.

 C was brave enough to ride across a high wire on this bike. The weight underneath kept it balanced. Very safe, but super creepy!!

Day two of our spring break adventures was spent at a children's museum in Toledo. 
We had a great time exploring and playing.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018


We had a fun little overnight getaway to Cincinnati during spring break. We brought our bikes to a cool indoor riding facility. Since it was freezing and snowing outside over spring break this was the perfect activity to get out and have some fun. The boys absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back again.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Random happenings

 E loves working. He often comes home from school and just sits down and starts working on some kind of project. This time he put on his music while he was working on his sight word worksheets.

 Mama Sue sent E a fun b'day gift that E got to build with Daddy. 

 The boys enjoying a little yogurt outting.

 C having fun with his friends at a birthday party

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


 Caleb received the discernment award as well as the award for most points earned during the year.

Ethan received the obedience award.
Both of my boys had Miss Leah as their leader helping them learn their verses. She's the BEST!

  It was such a joy for me to help the kids this year!

 All the AWANA kiddos! Approved workman are not ashamed! 

We had a shorter year of AWANA at church due to construction on the building that is about to begin. In the fall we did not get Ethan started right away since he was adjusting to the long days in kindergarten and needed to get in bed early. As the year progressed though, D was out of town a lot and E needed to come with me and C on Wed. nights. He jumped in with minimal resistance and started working and having a great time. I will never forget how excited he was when he memorized his first verse and got to recite it to Miss Leah. So precious. No better way to spend Wed. nights than with our church family helping the next generation to understnad God's word and hide it in their hearts. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

BSF Retreat

6,000 leaders gathered together!

 Our local BSF group's amazing leaders!

 Me and my co-teacher Olivia.
We love the orange room!

 Our area group of leaders from BSF 

 This year I have been serving as a children's leader for Bible Study Fellowship. BSF has leadership retreats every 4 years and thankfully this year was the year for one! Almost 60 ladies in leadership from my group headed to Cincinnati for a weekend of  teaching from BSF executive director Suzie Rowan, training seminars, amazing worship, and super fun fellowship with 6,000 leaders from around the area. What a full and wonderful weekend with some beautiful people who are together spreading the good news of Jesus in our home towns and around the world!