Friday, July 07, 2017

Swimming with the cousins

We had some fun times with D's brother and family. The weather was great while they were here so we did LOTS of swimming. The older kids played a lot of the tee game and E and his cousin J mostly played in the shallow end together. 

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Cedar Point

 Twinning in our hats from Papa Don and we didn't even plan it!

Yep, she's asleep!

 Our cozy little cabin for the night next to the park! All 10 of us packed in!

 E's most favorite ride at the park! He rode the train 4 times that day.

M gave D an early birthday present and they rode this crazy sling shot up into the sky!

 E's second favorite ride!

We had some special Colorado family visit! We decided to take a little road trip to Cedar Point with them. We spent two days and rode LOTS of coasters and even made some time for the water park. The kids had a blast and we all made some great memories together and I even conquered some fears and rode the Millinium Force, a coaster that I said I would never ride!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Blake's berries

We headed to one of the apple orchards in our area to pick some summer berries. We caught the end of the strawberries and the beginning of the cherries and raspberries. It would't be a complete trip to Blake's without some cider and donuts before we left!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Saturday, June 03, 2017

KC Royals

We decided E might be ready for his first team sport and he chose t-ball. He did a fantastic job staying in the game and being "baseball ready" at all times. The games were pretty much cuteness overload watching these little guys figure out which way to run and throw! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Preschool Graduation

 E and his favorite little lady and carpooling buddy, Liliana!

 E and his favorite teacher Mrs. Davis. 

The graduates got a surprise show from Roscoe the clown after the ceremony. They were mesmerized and loved every minute of it!

It happened, E graduated preschool! In all honesty I never really wanted this day to happen. I secretly hoped I could keep him little forever, but just like Caleb, he went ahead and grew up much too quickly right before my eyes. I think back to registering him for preschool a little over a year ago and how shy he was and how much he didn't like the idea of preschool. Wow, how far he has come! E did a fantastic job in school this year. The teachers spoke so kindly of him and his sweetness and also shared how much he came out of his shell and started to enjoy himself and even be goofy with the kids at times. He is such a smart little guy and my prayer for him is that he will continue to learn and grow and gain confidence in himself. God has great plans for you E!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sea life MI Aquarium

I'm becoming very aware that my days spent with this little cutie all to myself are drawing to a close soon. So I decided we should do something special and take a little field trip together to the aquarium. We went on a weekday and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. E was IN LOVE with the touch tank and in particular the pencil urchins. We visited the touch tank twice and spent so much time at it that we experienced 3 different workers rotating through and enjoyed talking with them about the creatures. Once E found out that the pencil urchins will "hug" your finger if you place it between their spikes E was hooked! He was counting the hugs he was getting and was so excited. Such cuteness! This little guy might be my marine biologist one day. One things for sure, he has my heart for all the days!